24-hour Emergency Dental Service

Emergency Dental Service

Call the 24 hour emergency number:

To reach our dental emergency Service 24 hours a day

  1. Call the 24 hour emergency number: 1-877-2424-365
  2. Follow the instructions over the phone and leave us your coordinates (name and phone number)
  3. We will return your call shortly.
Help us to help you:
  • Please speak clearly and repeat your phone number twice so that we can understand
  • Try to leave your telephone line free to receive our call!

Dental Pain Relief 7 Days a Week

In order to better serve the population of Montreal and its surroundings we would like to introduce you to our improved emergency dental service. We also now offer a telemedicine service so that you can join us in the comfort and security of your home. We are available to answer your questions or to treat emergencies in case of accidents and dental pain.

There’s no more need for you to search to find what dentist is available. You only have one number to call to reach our Dental Emergency Service 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 1-877-242-4365. We can answer your questions and help you find a dentist in your area that can see you asap.