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Results from a trauma to the mouth most often affect the front teeth (incisors). When a tooth is hit it will either break (fracture) or be dislodged (subluxation) or fall out (complete avulsion).

Even when a tooth has seemingly not moved or fractured, the long term consequences of a physical trauma to a tooth can be severe. A traumatized tooth will sometimes die (necrosis) and require a root canal.

In rare instances the body will react to a traumatized tooth by slowly dissintegrating it’s root. This is called external root resorption and will lead to loss of the tooth. Any accident involving trauma to the mouth and teeth requires a professional consultation and x-rays to determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate treatment.

1 - Fractured crown without pulp exposure

If sensitive, place orthodontic wax or sugarless gum to cover fracture. Get an appointment

2 - Fractured crown with pulp exposure

Get an appointment as quickly as possible. Left untreated, the pulp will become infected and cause an abscess

3 - Subluxation

Try not to touch or move it. It will require a fixation to keep it from moving. Make an appointment as quickly as possible

4 - Complete avulsion (loss)

If the entire tooth comes out (crown + root) Place it in milk or water and call as quickly as possible. The tooth must be reimplanted in less than 2 hours in order to save it.

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