24h Emergency Dental Service

Emergency Dental Service


Self Diagnosis

(see chart below)

Symptom(s) Most probable cause
Tooth is sensitive to cold 1-2-3-12
Tooth is sensitive to heat 3-1
Tooth is sensitive to pressure 4-5-6-10-12
Pain when chewing or biting on tooth 12-4
Pain AFTER eating food 5-2
Gum is swollen 4-6
Sensitive red or white lesion on gum 11
Tooth is loose 7-8
Shooting pain that “comes and goes” 3
Gum is swollen around back tooth 9-6-4
Pressure type pain that worsens When you tilt your head downward
(On upper back Teeth Only)

What Can I Do?

1 Dentinal hypersensitivity Try Sensodyne toothpaste Keep tooth away from hot & cold A tooth that is chronically irritated may develop pulpitis and require a root canal.
2 Dental decay Better to repair when it is small Pulpitis leads to an endodontic abscess.
3 Pulpitis Take anti-inflammatories (Advil, Aspirin). Rinse with very cold water.
4 Endodontic abscess (tooth) Rinse with salt water and take analgesics . Left untreated the infection may spread to the face and may even become life threatening.
5 Food impaction Floss after every meal Chronic food impaction will cause a localized periodontal problem. Must be fixed.
6 Gum abscess Rinse with salt water The infection may spread to the face.
7 Gum disease Untreated gum disease eventually leads to tooth mobility and even tooth loss.
8 Displaced Tooth Don’t chew on the tooth Requires fixation. (splint teeth together)
9 Pericoronitis Infection around Wisdom tooth Rinse with salt water Take anti-inflammatories (Advil, Aspirin) Can become infected.
10 Sinusitis Take over the counter sinus medication
11 Ulcer Rinse with salt water An ulcer which doesn’t disappear within 3 weeks can be cancerous.
12 Cracked tooth Don’t chew on the tooth May require a crown. If the crack leads to the pulp, the tooth may require a root canal.
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