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Emergency Dental Service


Most Common Situations

Sometimes certain things can be done to temporarily relieve pain or discomfort. Although these solutions may be effective,they are only temporary solutions and, like any other health problem, the patient should consult a professional as soon as possible.Here is a list of dental emergencies seen most often and what can be done while waiting to see your dentist

Problem Temporary Solution
Dental decay (cavity) Do not wait: Call us. Your decay can progress rapidly to reach the nerve (creation of an abscess). When decay starts to cause pain, it is often too late and it usually means that it has reached the nerve and the tooth will require a root canal.
Complete loss of a tooth as a result of trauma. Place the tooth in milk and call us as soon as possible. It is a very urgent because the prognosis decreases with time. If it’s been more than two hours since the loss of the tooth and its relocation, the chances that we can save the tooth are slim
Fracture of a tooth When a tooth breaks without any trauma, it is often the case where the decay has progressed quietly without being seen. Make an appointment as soon as possible.
Fallen filling For temporary relief, place a sugar free gum in the hole left by the loss of the filling. Contact us to take an appointment
Ulcer Rinse your mouth with salt water and call us for an appointment if the ulcer persists for more than 3 weeks.
Dental Abscess An abscess is defined as a collection of localized pus. A dental abscess is clinically seen as a lump or swelling usually located on the gum in front of the problem tooth. An abscess can become very dangerous and requires immediate attention. Call us immediately.
Notes: Aspirin is meant to be swallowed. Never place aspirin in a tooth or on the gums.

This will not help to reduce your pain and may cause burns to your gums.
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